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Dixboro House is our formal dining room situated in our new modern barn overlooking Fleming Creek and the woodlands that hug the property.  The new barn is light, airy, and relaxed with a gambrel shaped glass wall and side windows forever foraging a connection to the woodlands.  The entire barn is wrapped in a multi level deck with views and sounds of the creek.

Dixboro House is open on Fridays and Saturdays. Menus and reservations will be released on the 1st for the following month.


Dining experiences are pre-paid. Beverage, service charge, and taxes are not included. 

Sommelier selected wine pairings are available for each course as well as our full reserve wine, spirits, and cocktail list.

We do our very best to meet dietary needs and allergies but are currently unable to accommodate shellfish, gluten, vegetarian, dairy, and seafood.